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  • Rik van den Berg
    Rik van den Berg Fundraising, Negotiations, CFO, Dilutive, Non-Dilutive, Financial Management

    Rik is current CFO and shareholder to multiple life sciences companies. He is a highly experienced entrepreneur, who understands and has a passion for restructuring and growing companies from start-up to SMEs. Rik brings a strong background in banking, finance, investment and fundraising as well as extensive experience as a board level manager.

  • Marlon Dijkshoorn
    Marlon Dijkshoorn CFO, Planning and Control, Reporting, Fund Administration

    Having more than 25 years of experience in financial management from large enterprises to venture funds and small technology companies, Marlon provides superb financial management for SMEs in all phases. Having experience of sitting on both sides of the risk capital table Marlon provides critical support in raising investments and understanding the needs of all stakeholders.

  • Luc Schmitt
    Luc Schmitt Financial modelling, Dilutive, Non-Dilutive, Financial Management

    Before becoming a financial manager for venture stage companies Luc has a background as corporate finance professional within the banking industry with expertise area’s covering a complete product range of capital solutions such as senior lending, private placements, mezzanine and other themes such as financial modelling, M&A, capital structuring and valuation.

  • Susan Clausen

    Susan started her career as auditor at EY after which she switched over to a smaller audit firm to extent her experience into accountancy. Since 2015 she has worked as controller on multiple assignments in pharma and academic environments. As Charted Accountant (RA) she brings in dept knowledge with respect to reporting standards and is a perfect liaison for our clients and their external stakeholders.

  • Sylvia Georgiev
    Sylvia Georgiev Project Management, Subsidy Compliance, Subsidy Reporting

    Sylvia started her career as a subsidy auditor at PWC after which she became Manager European Grants at the AMC Medical Center. Since 2016 she has worked on several large European and national subsidy projects. On top of her accounting background Sylvia brings extensive experience with regards to reporting, management and compliance of subsidies and grant programs.

  • Erik Kok

    Before joining, Erik has worked as financial controller for large firms as Atos and KPN. As a Qualified Controller he brings a solid and long term experience in reporting, forecasting and financial planning.
    As Financial Controller, Erik is responsible for the monthly and quarterly reporting cycles of our clients and will ensure these reports will be distributed in a timely and accurate fashion.

  • Chantal van der Borg
    Chantal van der Borg TAX ADVISORY

    Chantal holds a Master degree in fiscal law and is a Register Belastingadviseur. She started her career at EY where she was a tax advisor for over 11 years. After this, Chantal also worked for smaller firms including BDO.
    At she is responsible for all tax filings and acts as the liaison between our clients and the tax authorities.

  • Jeroen Tonnaer, PhD, CLP
    Jeroen Tonnaer, PhD, CLP BD&L and drug discovery-development strategy

    Jeroen helps biotech companies to become Pharma’s preferred business partner. He brings over 35 years worldwide experience in drug discovery-development and BD&L at both sides of the Pharma and biotech arena. His contributions to identifying the right partners and to arranging licensing or partnership agreements yielded several multi-million $ licensing deals and multiple smaller scale collaborative partnerships.

  • Colinda Goddijn
    Colinda Goddijn Administration, Payrolling, Company Secretarial

    Colinda is responsible for both the day to day accounting process of our clients as well as preparation of annual reports, tax returns and payroll. With 15 years of experience, she has a strong background in accounting and plays a key role in providing accurate and up to date input for management reports, strategic plans and audit packs.

  • Nancy Zuiderent
    Nancy Zuiderent Administration, Payrolling, Company Secretarial

    Nancy is responsible for the day to day accounting process of our clients as well as VAT returns and payroll. Nancy has more than 15 years of experience in accounting and administration and plays a key role in providing accurate and up to date input for subsidy filings, management- and annual reports.

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